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Bluetongue – looking ahead to 2017

Bluetongue looks to be a potential threat again in 2017 with potentially devastating effects for sheep, cattle, camelids and goats. In 2016 we saw the re-emergence of BTV-8 in France, the virus being the same as the one involved in the 2008-2009 outbreak of Bluetongue. France continued to see new cases throughout 2016 and into… Read more »

Three steps to get spring-calving cows back in calf quickly

With cows often dried off in early December as grass availability fails to meet demand, it is essential for the profitability of a spring-calving dairy herd to ensure a tight block with as many cows calving in the first three weeks of the block. Every day later is a day less milk production during that… Read more »

Avian Influenza: question and answer session

Following the success of the Westpoint|Minster Avian Influenza webinar we have compiled some questions, from the flock keepers that attended, and their corresponding answers. If you missed the webinar it is available to watch on demand here. 1.      Are ducks and geese just likely to be carriers or do they suffer from the disease also?… Read more »

Avian Influenza Latest

Please follow the latest DEFRA advice below to reduce the spread of disease. If you keep poultry you are required to take action to reduce the risk of avian flu spreading. All poultry keepers – whether commercial farmers or those with a small backyard flock – are currently required by law to house poultry or… Read more »

Watch the Avian Influenza webinar

Click here to watch the Avian Influenza webinar that was presented live on Tuesday 21 February. Westpoint Farm Vets and Minster Poultry Vets hosted this free group discussion webinar to guide small flock keepers during this outbreak of avian flu. The webinar discusses: what Avian Influenza is and how it is spread which birds are… Read more »

Register for Avian Influenza Webinar

Click here to register for a free Avian Influenza webinar on Tuesday 21 February at 7.00pm. Avian influenza – What is the current situation? Westpoint Farm Vets and Minster Poultry Vets, two of the country’s leading vets are hosting a free group discussion webinar. There have been a number of confirmed cases at this point. … Read more »

Westpoint Vet featured in the Yorkshire Post

Ashley Marshall, from Westpoint York, has been interviewed for this week’s edition of the Yorkshire Post. She discusses bringing disease prevention, through vaccination, to the fore for today’s farmers. She also explains why farmers need to be so aware of the impact that bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) can have on a herd. Read the article… Read more »

Avian Influenza Update

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone that has been in place since 6th December will be extended until 28th February to help protect poultry and captive birds from avian flu, the Chief Veterinary Officer has announced. The zone requires keepers of poultry and other captive birds to continue to keep their birds indoors, or take appropriate… Read more »

Advice for Poultry & Gamebird Keepers on Avian Influenza

Defra’s Chief Veterinary Office has declared a Prevention Zone in England, Wales and Scotland (for 30 days), which introduces enhanced biosecurity requirements for poultry and captive birds and includes a requirement to house poultry to help protect them from a strain of Avian Flu in Europe. To date, no cases of H5N8 have been found… Read more »

Our Commitment to Continue to Deliver TB Testing Services to Your Cattle

It has been brought to our attention that you may have received an unsolicited letter from XL Farmcare, suggesting that our practice is no longer in a position to provide your farm with Government Tuberculosis Testing services and they have instead nominated another veterinary practice to provide such services to you in the future. We… Read more »