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The advantages of post-mortem examination

The health status of a farm is very important for economic and welfare reasons. By knowing the issues of your farm, you can work with your vet to establish preventative measures (with a Herd Health Plan) and reduce losses through mortality, abortion and the use of antibiotics. Farm animal post-mortem examinations (PME) are not used… Read more »

Beef Parasites

The presence of lung worm, gastrointestinal round worm and liver fluke are the leading cause of production losses for the cattle industry. The parasites cause a reduction in feed intake and utilisation of nutrients, animals infected may show signs of diarrhoea, respiratory disease, ill thrift and death. Lung WormLife-cycle Cattle are infected with lung worm… Read more »

Using The Ram to Maximise Your Earnings

With the upcoming uncertainty of sheep and lamb prices with Brexit, minimising losses and maximising outputs has become essential; but how are we going to increase the amount we sell relative to ewe numbers? Lambing percentage i.e. the total number reared Growth rates Lambing pattern early lambs have more growth time before sale tightly concentrated… Read more »

Are you getting the most from your bull…?


All arable farmers have a cropping calendar and most sheep & beef farmers have a breeding calendar dictating; when the bulls go in, when vaccinations are to be undertaken to have maximum effect, when calving/lambing is going to start and stop etc.; but how many of us have a Bull Calendar to maximise our return… Read more »

BVD – What it is, what it costs and how to be free!

PIs calf

The AHDB launched its national BVD Free scheme to much fanfare back in July 2016, but what is this scheme? BVDFree England is an industry-led scheme designed to eliminate BVD virus from all cattle herds in the country by 2022. So what is BVD? Bovine Viral Diarrhoea is one of the most important diseases to… Read more »

Lameness lesions

Lameness is a perennial challenge on many dairy farms, and with a typical case costing £180, it is important from both an economic, and welfare perspective. The economic costs of a lameness case are attributed to a reduced milk yield, cost of treatment and an increase in the risk of culling but cows that are… Read more »

New Post Mortem Service

As livestock keepers, checking your animals on a daily basis is part of the routine husbandry regime. Despite the evenings drawing in, taking a walk around the fields on a frosty morning is a real pleasure –until you spot four hooves pointing skywards. Life and death is an integral part of the livestock farming cycle,… Read more »

Life Through a Lens

I remember my first days of ‘seeing practice’ just under 20 years ago when everyone including the vet, herd manager, and even farm dog were huddled around a cumbersome ultrasound monitor. All eagerly awaiting a glimpse of something resembling a pregnancy… Time has passed and the developments in technology have been marked, we are now… Read more »

Making the most of your assets…

The Farming Press is presently filled with the doom and gloom of the poor beef trade, the depressed wheat prices and the lack of demand for British vegetables as we see Continental products flood the market with the loss of their Russian consumers. As a single farm we may struggle to change global markets alone… Read more »

What can scoring do for you…?

Scoring dairy herds can contribute significantly to good husbandry and management of the cows as well as profitability. At Westpoint we have 2 qualified veterinary nurse technicians who perform all of our scoring and work closely with our team of vets. Technicians are out on farm daily getting involved in herd level management with our… Read more »