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Dairy Vet of the Year at the Cream Awards!

Sarah Tomlinson, veterinary surgeon at Westpoint Farm Vets in Derbyshire and Technical Director of the TB Advisory Service (TBAS), was named Dairy Vet of the Year at the Cream Awards on 5th February 2020. The Award, sponsored by Krka UK Ltd, recognises a veterinary surgeon for going the extra mile in helping to create a… Read more »

Avian influenza identified in Suffolk

Low pathogenic avian flu of the H5 strain was confirmed at a commercial chicken farm in Mid Suffolk on Tuesday 10th December. All the birds will now be humanely culled and we have put in place a 1km restriction zone around the infected farm to limit the risk of the disease spreading. The advice from Public Health… Read more »

The advantages of post-mortem examination

The health status of a farm is very important for economic and welfare reasons. By knowing the issues of your farm, you can work with your vet to establish preventative measures (with a Herd Health Plan) and reduce losses through mortality, abortion and the use of antibiotics. Farm animal post-mortem examinations (PME) are not used… Read more »

Beef Parasites

The presence of lung worm, gastrointestinal round worm and liver fluke are the leading cause of production losses for the cattle industry. The parasites cause a reduction in feed intake and utilisation of nutrients, animals infected may show signs of diarrhoea, respiratory disease, ill thrift and death. Lung WormLife-cycle Cattle are infected with lung worm… Read more »

Introducing Francis Sabbe, Practice Principal at Westpoint Louth

We are excited to introduce Francis Sabbe and welcome him to our Westpoint practice in Louth as the new Practice Principal. Francis has over 30 years’ experience in farm medicine and is extremely well respected by his clients in his previous role as Senior vet/Clinical Director of farm animals in a large practice in Norfolk…. Read more »

Have you got your FREE Westpoint sunglasses yet?!

To take part in our summer competition find our stand to pick up a free pair of sunglasses – all our shows are listed on our Events page. Simply take a selfie in your sunnies and tag us on Facebook or Twitter using #WestpointSummerSelfie You could be in with a chance of winning £200 to spend… Read more »

What does IBR look like on my farm?

Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis – IBR – is a herpes virus that can cause respiratory disease in cattle of all ages or reproductive disease in breeding females. It is caused by Bovine Herpes Virus 1 – BHV 1 – and has a worldwide distribution. Initially the virus was recognised as causing severe upper respiratory tract disease… Read more »

5 Steps to a Successful Unpacking Season

Some may have started unpacking already, while others are waiting until later this summer, but all of us are looking forward to having lots of healthy, happy cria bounding around the fields again. Unpacking, though exciting, can be a little (or a lot!) tiring, and seems to come around quickly each year, so in this… Read more »

Fly Strike Warning

We have been seeing a steep rise in the number of flystrike cases over the past week. Green, blue and blackbottle flies are very quick to attack and deposit eggs on fleece and hair. Wet, scour-stained fleeces/fur is particularly attractive, as well as wounds or cuts, but these flies are not picky and can attack… Read more »

Nematodirus Alert

The SCOPS forecast is currently showing large areas of the UK as having a high or very high risk for Nematodirus in young lambs. Is your flock at risk of infection and what can you do to prevent adverse effects in your lambs? What is Nematodirus? Nematodirus battus is a roundworm that causes death and… Read more »