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Dairy industry in the news with #Februdairy campaign

By Ami Sawran BVSc MRCVS I’m sure many in agricultural industries have seen a more chaotic social media timeline of late. This is probably as a result of #Februdairy. This initiative came about as a means of promoting the dairy industry and all of the hard work involved in creating dairy produce that many take for… Read more »

What is Neospora?

Neospora Caninum is a protozoan parasite that is an important infectious cause of weak calves and abortion in cattle. It can affect other species including sheep, goats and camelids, however these are thought to be less susceptible. Neospora is the most frequently diagnosed cause of bovine abortion. A recent study done by Moredun showed 26%… Read more »

Latest Avian Influenza Update

On 10 April the UK Chief Veterinary Officer announced that from 13 April, housing or range netting would no longer be required in Higher Risk Areas. This decision was taken on the basis of the latest veterinary advice and scientific evidence which concluded that the level of risk to poultry in the Higher Risk Areas… Read more »

Westpoint BVD Free Scheme

It is estimated over 90% of UK herds have been exposed to BVD virus which can cause devastating effects upon fertility, health and production (NADIS, 2016.) Do you know your BVD status? Should you be vaccinating against BVD? Do you already vaccinate against BVD and regularly monitor vaccine performance? Is BVD costing you a fortune… Read more »

Bluetongue – looking ahead to 2017

Bluetongue looks to be a potential threat again in 2017 with potentially devastating effects for sheep, cattle, camelids and goats. In 2016 we saw the re-emergence of BTV-8 in France, the virus being the same as the one involved in the 2008-2009 outbreak of Bluetongue. France continued to see new cases throughout 2016 and into… Read more »

Three steps to get spring-calving cows back in calf quickly

With cows often dried off in early December as grass availability fails to meet demand, it is essential for the profitability of a spring-calving dairy herd to ensure a tight block with as many cows calving in the first three weeks of the block. Every day later is a day less milk production during that… Read more »

Avian Influenza: question and answer session

Following the success of the Westpoint|Minster Avian Influenza webinar we have compiled some questions, from the flock keepers that attended, and their corresponding answers. If you missed the webinar it is available to watch on demand here. 1.      Are ducks and geese just likely to be carriers or do they suffer from the disease also?… Read more »

Avian Influenza Latest

Please follow the latest DEFRA advice below to reduce the spread of disease. If you keep poultry you are required to take action to reduce the risk of avian flu spreading. All poultry keepers – whether commercial farmers or those with a small backyard flock – are currently required by law to house poultry or… Read more »