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How much lameness can, or should we tolerate in a dairy cows?

I ask this as an open question, not because I know the answer or feel there really is an answer but to stimulate a thought process.  What is our industry stance on lameness? Various figures have been suggested, ranging from 15-30% but all of these studies are historic and all vary as to whether we… Read more »

Do you know the signs of Haemonchus Contortus infection?

With the recent hot weather, the risk of Haemonchus Contortus in livestock has dramatically increased and quite a few outbreaks have been seen nationwide over the past couple of weeks. The possibility of haemonchosis in grazing sheep, goats, camelids and calves could increase further after heavy rains as this parasite is able to survive in… Read more »

Flystrike treatment & prevention

Blowflies are one of the most widespread ectoparasites affecting sheep in the UK, with surveys suggesting 80% of flocks will have one or more cases of blowfly strike every year. It seems that the current weather and climatic conditions are particularly favouring flystrike at the moment with our vets seeing quite a few cases so… Read more »

Guidance for the use of antibiotic tests on dairy farms

As part of our commitment to ensure our clients are provided with the most up-to-date information, we would like to share this guidance note with you: DairyUK-Guidance-for-the-use-of-Antibiotic-Tests-on-Dairy-Farms This has been produced by DairyUK in conjunction with the British Cattle Veterinary Association. There have been some recent changes in the antimicrobial test kits used by milk purchasers… Read more »

Dairy industry in the news with #Februdairy campaign

By Ami Sawran BVSc MRCVS I’m sure many in agricultural industries have seen a more chaotic social media timeline of late. This is probably as a result of #Februdairy. This initiative came about as a means of promoting the dairy industry and all of the hard work involved in creating dairy produce that many take for… Read more »

What is Neospora?

Neospora Caninum is a protozoan parasite that is an important infectious cause of weak calves and abortion in cattle. It can affect other species including sheep, goats and camelids, however these are thought to be less susceptible. Neospora is the most frequently diagnosed cause of bovine abortion. A recent study done by Moredun showed 26%… Read more »

Latest Avian Influenza Update

On 10 April the UK Chief Veterinary Officer announced that from 13 April, housing or range netting would no longer be required in Higher Risk Areas. This decision was taken on the basis of the latest veterinary advice and scientific evidence which concluded that the level of risk to poultry in the Higher Risk Areas… Read more »

Westpoint BVD Free Scheme

It is estimated over 90% of UK herds have been exposed to BVD virus which can cause devastating effects upon fertility, health and production (NADIS, 2016.) Do you know your BVD status? Should you be vaccinating against BVD? Do you already vaccinate against BVD and regularly monitor vaccine performance? Is BVD costing you a fortune… Read more »