Our Commitment to Continue to Deliver TB Testing Services to Your Cattle

It has been brought to our attention that you may have received an unsolicited letter from XL Farmcare, suggesting that our practice is no longer in a position to provide your farm with Government Tuberculosis Testing services and they have instead nominated another veterinary practice to provide such services to you in the future.

We understand that this letter has been sent to you without either the prior knowledge or the approval of the Animal and Plant and Health Agency (APHA) who govern TB testing in England. As you will be aware when APHA re-structured the arrangements for Government Tuberculosis Testing last year, they expressly assured farmers that they would be able to continue to use their existing veterinary practices to undertake such services.

We wish to re-assure you that contrary to what has been said by XL Farmcare, we are fully committed to continuing to provide such services to all our customers and we are both ready and able to do so and will take all appropriate steps necessary to ensure that we are able to do so in future. Over the last 12 months our vet teams have passed all audits of our TB testing services and have been described as offering exemplary standards of testing. We have been recognised as valuable contributors of local testing services, by experienced vets with local knowledge of your farms. At this time, our practices are resolutely committed to helping the UK livestock industry to eradicate TB and believe this is best achieved through the local delivery of TB testing by the farm’s own veterinary practice.

We strongly object to XL Farmcare’s letter being sent to you and have raised this issue with APHA as a matter of urgency and asking them to ensure that XL Farmcare honour to the letter, their contractual obligations and the commitments made to you by APHA. We will keep you informed of any further developments as soon as we are aware of them.

Please contact your local practice if you have any queries.