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Dairy-Tech Online AMR Workshop

February 5 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Making antimicrobial benchmarking work for you

Tim Potter BVetMed PhD MRVCS, Senior Clinical Director Westpoint Farm Vets and Kingshay

The responsible use of medicines and the reduction of antimicrobial usage remains a key agenda for the dairy sector but needs to be viewed as part of a holistic approach to animal health and welfare. The success the industry has seen so far in the reduction of antimicrobial use is testimony to the sector’s engagement and the widespread implementation of best practice, but further sustainable reductions are going to require increased uptake of healthcare initiatives, such as vaccination and disease eradication programmes, as well as the optimisation of the environment and husbandry practices.

In the face of a disease outbreak there may well be a place for antimicrobial drugs for immediate management, but it is important to identify the cause of the disease and formulate a management plan which will help reduce the risk of recurrence. The annual medicines review required for farm assurance should be viewed as an opportunity to drive herd improvement. Antimicrobial reviews should not simply be viewed as a benchmarking exercise, done properly they can provide valuable insight into your herd’s health challenges. In this workshop we will discuss the new sector targets and how antimicrobial benchmarking can be implemented at a farm level to provide a useful tool for identifying specific disease challenges and enabling focussed discussion on how to improve welfare and productivity.

Antimicrobial drugs have made a major contribution to cattle health and welfare and they are vital medicines for the treatment of bacterial infections in cattle and other livestock. It is essential that everyone involved in their use works to ensure they are used responsibly to help preserve their availability and effectiveness.


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February 5
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm