On-farm Services


At Westpoint we believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s better for the animals, and more time and cost-effective for the farmer too.

With this in mind we have a dedicated mobile team of experts who vets and farmers call on to carry out a wide range of technical tasks proven to help keep animals as healthy, mobile and productive as possible. The work can be carried out on an ad hoc basis, or as part of an ongoing animal health maintenance plan tailor-made to individual farms and producers.

Our experts are fully trained to recognised national standards, and regularly assessed to ensure their work is of a consistently high quality. They are also highly experienced, and kitted out with the latest equipment and products for the jobs in hand.

On-farm Services

Foot trimming
Contract and non-contract work offered to both clients and non-clients, professionally
carried out by our NACFT fully qualified trimmers

Mobility scoring
Working in conjunction with our foot trimmers to keep a close check on lameness in
dairy herds

Assisting with one of the toughest spring-time tasks

Cattle weighing
From calf weights to youngstock and pre-market weighing for optimum gain

Inserting intraruminal magnets to help reduce hardware disease which can be responsible for up to 5% of deaths in a typical dairy herd

Tail clipping
Helps to reduce both mastitis and cell counts by improving the cleanliness of the cow and the unit’s milking routine

Calf disbudding
Removing buds when calves are small saves the hassle and stress of disbudding later on

Blood sampling
Assessing the health of stock to provide early indications of potential health problems

Condition scoring
Keeping a check on individual and whole flock condition

Smallholder service
A comprehensive package for all sheep, goat and camelid owners including foot trimming, worming and vaccinating

Sheep scanning service

Scanning allows farmers and smallholders alike to make informed decisions and know what to expect when it comes to lambing.

Milk quality and parlour services

Local and national sales with fitting service offered

Teat end scoring
Helping to assess the risk of clinical mastitis and measure the performance of milking parlours

Milk sampling
Helping to analyse both individual cows and bulk milk samples to identify specific problems

Udder singeing
An effective aid in helping to reduce mastitis and cell counts

Parlour cleaning
A complete parlour cleaning service carried out between milkings

For more information call Chris Hulbert on 07921 214 845 or email Chris.Hulbert@westpointfarmvets.co.uk