Foot Trimming

Foot trimming and mobility scoring – to keep your cows mobile, healthy and productive

Lameness in dairy and beef herds costs time and money.   For farmers it can mean lower milk production, compromised fertility levels, and bills for urgent treatment.

Looking beyond simple lameness to solar ulcer and white line damage, the losses can result in premature culling.  With many retailers now using culls due to lameness as an indicator of welfare levels, never has it been more important to keep the condition to a minimum.

Reducing risk and costs through a planned, preventative approach

A combination of regular foot trimming and frequent mobility scoring has been found to considerably reduce the incidence of lameness in beef and dairy herds.  Our highly trained team of mobile technicians work closely with farmers, farm staff and vets to put together the most cost-effective plan to recognise, treat and minimise lameness in their herds.

Early detection crucial to herd health

In addition to the daily observations of farm staff, regular mobility scoring sessions are extremely effective in recognising lameness early on so that the animals affected can be prioritised for foot trimming and any other treatment required before true lameness, and potentially other problems, can occur. Many researchers now recommend scoring at least once a month, and for farmers of some of the best herds it’s every 14 days.

On-farm experts on hand when you need them

Our foot trimmers are trained to Category 1 NACFT standards and independently assessed on a regular basis.  Equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, including specialised hydraulic foot crushes, their focus is always on quality trimming over speed or numbers per day.    With a focus on preventative healthcare, the bulk of the work our technicians do is as part of on-going contracts, but they also carry out ad-hoc work including per head trimming.

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