The key to a successful lambing

A successful lambing requires both healthy ewes and healthy lambs! Strong, fit lambs are produced from ewes that have been well ...
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The ‘Normal’ Unpacking

The most exciting and nerve-wracking time of year is almost upon us, and we are probably all in agreement that the ...
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Looking ahead to turnout

As the mild and wet winter seems to be endlessly dragging on and the limited supplies of straw and forage from ...
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The importance of colostrum management

Whether a calf is destined for dairy or beef, striving to get them off to the best possible start is undoubtedly ...
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Lungworm, not just a disease of youngstock

Lungworm (Dictyocaulus viviparus), also referred to as ‘husk’, largely affects first-time grazing youngstock causing reduced growth rates, increased risk of secondary bacterial ...
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How fertile is your bull?

Not knowing whether your bull is fertile, subfertile or infertile will have an impact on the length of the calving period, the ...
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Dairy Heifer Calf Growth Rate Monitoring

We are all aware that to get the best lifelong potential from a heifer, you want it to calve at 24 months. ...
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Looking after the ewe at lambing time

Pre-lambing preparation

Getting nutrition right in the last stage of pregnancy is essential. Ewe nutrition will directly affect the incidence of:

The Camelid Winter Checklist

Though we have fought valiantly through possibly the strangest summer of our lives, we must look to winter and think about ...
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Responsible Use of Medicines in Youngstock Management

The term “responsible use” is frequently used, but what does it actually mean?

“As little as possible, as much as necessary” ...
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