Sarah Tomlinson BVM&S MRCVS

Two key bTB roles for Sarah!

The National Beef Association (NBA) has strengthened its veterinary and bTB expertise by appointing Sarah Tomlinson to its national board.

In ...
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Go away and die, flies!

Few things get to me like flies do. They seem to have an arrogant, brazen, vindictive attitude; as if to say ...
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flock of sheep

How to spend or save on trace elements

Production rates on farm are largely influenced by fertility and growth rates, both of which we can maximise in working alongside ...
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The key to a successful lambing

A successful lambing requires both healthy ewes and healthy lambs! Strong, fit lambs are produced from ewes that have been well ...
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The ‘Normal’ Unpacking

The most exciting and nerve-wracking time of year is almost upon us, and we are probably all in agreement that the ...
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Looking ahead to turnout

As the mild and wet winter seems to be endlessly dragging on and the limited supplies of straw and forage from ...
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We’re recruiting new graduates!

Calling all farm animal vets!

As part of VetPartners, we offer a highly competitive package with clear career structure, enabling ...
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The importance of colostrum management

Whether a calf is destined for dairy or beef, striving to get them off to the best possible start is undoubtedly ...
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Lungworm, not just a disease of youngstock

Lungworm (Dictyocaulus viviparus), also referred to as ‘husk’, largely affects first-time grazing youngstock causing reduced growth rates, increased risk of secondary bacterial ...
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How fertile is your bull?

Not knowing whether your bull is fertile, subfertile or infertile will have an impact on the length of the calving period, the ...
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