Dairy Heifer Calf Growth Rate Monitoring

We are all aware that to get the best lifelong potential from a heifer, you want it to calve at 24 months. ...
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Looking after the ewe at lambing time

Pre-lambing preparation

Getting nutrition right in the last stage of pregnancy is essential. Ewe nutrition will directly affect the incidence of:

The Camelid Winter Checklist

Though we have fought valiantly through possibly the strangest summer of our lives, we must look to winter and think about ...
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Responsible Use of Medicines in Youngstock Management

The term “responsible use” is frequently used, but what does it actually mean?

“As little as possible, as much as necessary” ...
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Covid-19 Lockdown 2.0 Update

We want to reassure you that during Lockdown 2.0 we are an essential business and we will continue to care ...
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Calf Pneumonia – not just a winter problem

Pneumonia remains the most common reason for death or poor performance in growing calves, and whilst we do see a spike in ...
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Tightening Calving Blocks

The industry target for mating period in beef herds is 9 weeks resulting in 95 calves born to 100 cows put ...
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Rigorous measures needed for control of OPA

Ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (OPA) is an infective lung tumour caused by the Jaagsiekte virus. It can be difficult to diagnose and has ...
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5 Tips for Reducing Antimicrobial Use in Clinical Mastitis

Most dairy farms are already seeing the benefits of selective dry cow therapy. With increasing pressure from milk buyers and ...
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Beef Health Planning

2020 has been a very strange year but it is important to begin looking ahead to next year. Health planning on beef ...
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