Lameness lesions

Lameness is a perennial challenge on many dairy farms, and with a typical case costing £180, it is important from ...
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Latest Avian Influenza Update

On 10 April the UK Chief Veterinary Officer announced that from 13 April, housing or range netting would no longer ...
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Westpoint BVD Free Scheme

It is estimated over 90% of UK herds have been exposed to BVD virus which can cause devastating effects upon ...
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Bluetongue – looking ahead to 2017

Bluetongue looks to be a potential threat again in 2017 with potentially devastating effects for sheep, cattle, camelids and goats.

In ...
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Three steps to get spring-calving cows back in calf quickly

With cows often dried off in early December as grass availability fails to meet demand, it is essential for the ...
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Avian Influenza: question and answer session

Following the success of the Westpoint|Minster Avian Influenza webinar we have compiled some questions, from the flock keepers that attended, ...
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Avian Influenza Latest

Please follow the latest DEFRA advice below to reduce the spread of disease.

If you keep poultry you are required to ...
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Watch the Avian Influenza webinar

Click here to watch the Avian Influenza webinar that was presented live on Tuesday 21 February.

Westpoint Farm Vets ...
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Register for Avian Influenza Webinar

Click here to register for a free Avian Influenza webinar on Tuesday 21 February at 7.00pm.

Avian influenza – ...
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Westpoint Vet featured in the Yorkshire Post

Ashley Marshall, from Westpoint York, has been interviewed for this week’s edition of the Yorkshire Post. She discusses bringing disease ...
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