At Westpoint we’re putting cutting edge research into on-farm practice every day of the year.

At Westpoint, sound scientific research underpins the evidence-based approach to veterinary medicine and animal health that we deliver.  We have our own dedicated research department with over 50 years’ combined research experience gained within universities, pharmaceutical companies, government, charities and of course within Westpoint.  We conduct different types of research including clinical trials, field disease surveys and laboratory investigations, generally conducted on client farms in partnership with the farm’s vet.

The research team also works directly with our own vets, discussing real life case issues, and building a robust evidence base to support our clinical services.  Recent research on bull fertility, derived from our routine bull fertility testing data, won a clinical research award at the 2014 World Buiatrics (cattle medicine) Congress in Australia, and is one of many examples of the synergy between our research and clinical teams.

“Taking Research into Practice” at Westpoint keeps our vets at the very forefront of evidence-based knowledge in animal health.

Farmers benefit from the pooled knowledge of more than 100 vets

For farmers who work with Westpoint vets, the research we do, and the way we share our findings with every one of our vets, means they get to reap the rewards of working with some of the most knowledgeable vets in the business.

A farmer may only ever deal with one of our vets, but when a Westpoint vet arrives at the farm gate, he or she comes with the knowledge of more than 100 colleagues with a research department at their fingertips.  This pool of knowledge supports thousands of farmers across the UK.

The research Westpoint does falls broadly into 3 categories:

  • Support for the animal health industry
        Such as field testing tomorrow’s vaccines on today’s farms
  • Academic research
        Such as one of the UK’s largest field wormer resistance investigations
  • Evidence and research-driven veterinary practice at farm level
        Such as the value of bull fertility testing for herd fertility

Westpoint Veterinary Group

  • 80,000 dairy cows on over 250 farms plus beef, sheep, pigs, game birds and camelids
  • 8,000+ farm clients in 5 distinct regions across the UK
  • 70 livestock vets on-farm
    – Industry leaders in mastitis, milk quality, reproduction and lameness
  • Paraprofessional services including:
    – Foot trimming, mobility, calf health and udder health scoring
  • Practices “Investing in Herd Health”
  • Supported by Biobest Laboratory, supplying:
    – CHeCS-accredited testing schemes for BVD, IBR, Johne’s, Leptospiroses
    – Routine mastitis diagnostics including bacteriology and PCR
    – Parasitology diagnostics
  • Partnered with Minster Veterinary Practice
    – 12 poultry vets across 4 regions with clients nationally
    – Industry-leading vets heavily involved with advisory and stakeholder groups
    – Teaching poultry science at Nottingham Veterinary School
    – Caring for 150 million broiler birds per year
    – layer units
    – turkeys
    – ducks

For enquiries please contact:

Lindsay Heasman PhD on tel.  +44 791 279 9961, or email

Click here to meet our core research team, with 50+ years’ combined experience of designing and executing GCP(V) and GLP pharmaceutical and vaccine trials