Beef Team

Our dedicated beef team have a wide range of clinical interests. As well as providing clinical insight and second opinion work, they are also able to train competent stockpersons in health, husbandry and medicine administration.  

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Jack Balkham BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS

Jack Balkham

Based in: Sevenoaks

Jack has been with Westpoint for 6 years and his main areas of interest are bovine fertility and infectious disease. He is currently working towards a diploma of bovine reproduction with the University of Liverpool. He enjoys playing an active role in improving herd health and farm efficiency, particularly with commercial dairy farms. He is a member of the fertility special interest group for VetPartners and carries out a significant amount of fertility testing of both bulls and rams.

Ashley Marshall

Based in: York

Ashley has a wealth of experience in improving livestock welfare and daily live weight gains with in depth infectious disease investigations and proactive healthcare measures.

Ian Roper

Based in: Chelmsford

Ian has been heavily involved with fertility and genetics working groups within Westpoint for 12 years. He is an experienced AI trainer, and can provide bull fertility services as well as insight into effective synchronisation protocols.