Westpoint PRO: Dairy

Our dairy team have wide ranging experience of different dairy enterprises, meaning they can provide fresh insight into commercial and clinical issues on farm. They are dedicated to improving health and welfare, and can assist with disease investigation, optimising productivity and delivering training to stockpersons.

A number of farms are already seeing the benefits of engaging with our higher-level services, and there are a range of things we can do to support the needs of the farm. Monitoring and analysis can be tailored to: calf health, nutrition, parlour issues, mobility, milk quality, reproduction, disease control and welfare. These can be regular and ongoing, or adhoc responses. Benefits have been seen in terms of welfare, health and profitability, and all links in with a drive towards greater sustainability too.

You may be familiar with our antimicrobial stewardship reports, which now benchmark against a large number of farms within our partner practice clientele across the country. And now we have a broad range of these ‘Digifarm’ reports from our colleagues at Kingshay, which can benchmark many other aspects including culling, udder health, mobility, reproductive disorders and metabolic disorders as well as calf health and mortality. Kingshay also gives us access to analysis of feed, forage, water, soil and slurry.

Westpoint can now offer on top of mobility services a greater range of on farm technician services, including animal health scoring, vaccinations, bolusing, disbudding, tagging, weighing, sampling and coming soon; freeze branding. We also have a novel fly control approach, using parasitic flies and this service is managed by our technicians.

Email us to find out how we can help your herd consultancy@westpointfarmvets.co.uk

Navaratnam Partheeban

PRO: Coordinator

Based in: Chelmsford

Theeb joined Westpoint in the Autumn of 2021 and brings plenty of experience from a range of sectors, including having worked in the nutrition, pharmaceutical and academia, as well as many years in dairy veterinary practice in the South-West of England. Theeb has strong links with industry, is a Director of the Oxford Farming Conference, a trustee of The Country Trust, and a Nuffield Scholar.

Jack Balkham BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS

Jack Balkham

Based in: Sevenoaks

Jack has been with Westpoint for 6 years and his main areas of interest are bovine fertility and infectious disease. He is currently working towards a diploma of bovine reproduction with the University of Liverpool. He enjoys playing an active role in improving herd health and farm efficiency, particularly with commercial dairy farms. He is a member of the fertility special interest group for VetPartners and carries out a significant amount of fertility testing of both bulls and rams.


Kathy Hume

Based in: Ashford

Emily Phipps

Based in: Sevenoaks

Emily has 7 years clinical experience in dairy herd health, with a keen interest in nutrition and production medicine. Emily has further training in nutritional management, including youngstock nutrition, feeding assessment and analysis and dairy finances.

Mia Ellis

Based in: Chelmsford

Mia has been working for two years with specific focus on providing an holistic service to dairy clients. She has experience in instigating scoring systems for both adults and youngstock and providing accessible reports with realistic actions to improve herd health and productivity.