At Westpoint we believe that prevention is better than cure, and that careful planning not only saves farmers money, but helps them make it too.

Farm4life is our range of 6 different programmes of on-going monitoring and maintenance services, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of herd health from calfhood onwards.

Through our Farm4life packages we are helping livestock farmers across the UK make better informed management decisions.  Those  decisions are paving the way to improved profits through the increased longevity and overall health of their herds.

Key benefits to farmers:

  • Improve performance, productivity  and profit
  • Work with us to ensure compliance with your customers
  • Programs tailored to suit your needs and budget
  • Reliable, consistent input and practical on-farm support


Lame cows cost time and money – from lost milk sales, treatment costs and the impact on fertility.

Our Cattlemobility4life plan focuses on reducing lameness to a minimum through a combination of regular foot trimming and frequent mobility scoring.  Both activities are carried out by our highly trained team of mobile technicians working closely with both you and your vet for the best results.

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For beef producers, getting animals off to the right start is crucial to their overall lifelong productivity.

Our Youngstock4life plan helps farmers take a proactive approach to maximising the health of their future herd, including ensuring good nutrition, optimising farm buildings and the strategic use of vaccines.

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With the Milk4life plan in place you can improve your productivity and profits by proactively monitoring and improving milk hygiene while reducing mastitis in your herd.

You can even make the amount you pay us dependent on the amount of extra milk you sell!

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It can be difficult for farmers to know if the food they are feeding their cows is helping or hindering their health and productivity.

Our Feed4life plan gives dairy farmers a clear understanding of what their own cows, on their own farm, need.  We analyse the existing diet and milk yield, as well as studying disease occurrence and rumen health, with body condition scoring and blood sampling, to help farmers bring their cows into peak condition – and keep them there.

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Health4life encompasses the core ingredients of any successful disease control or eradication plan, namely assessment of herd status, biosecurity and surveillance. In these austere times, for all sectors of the industry, it has never been more pertinent to improve herd efficiency and profitability, through the control and eradication of endemic disease, which through their actions, ultimately have a major impact on farm profitability.

Whilst historically high health status premiums were found predominantly within the pedigree sector, we should be mindful that now, in the commercial sector also, those herds accredited as free from disease, are now attracting a premium and active disease control is key to a successful, long term marketing policy.

Westpoint fully endorse the CHeCS accredited HiHealth Herdcare from Biobest.


The Breed4life plans offer farmers some of the most up to date information on dairy cattle reproductive health, genetic reporting and synchronisation strategies through a variety of packages available through your local practice.

The packages focus on the reproductive cycle of the cow and the challenges that must be overcome to result in successful pregnancy. Including reproductive metrics and which might be best when considering targets, information on how improvements in the transition period can impact on early reproductive performance, how herd genetic reports can assist producers in breeding for fertility and longevity and the synchronisation protocols available to improve reproductive efficiency.