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Key points for keeping alpacas comfortable in summer

Shearing Shearing is often a time when various other husbandry tasks are undertaken – it is a great time to take stock of your camelids’ body condition, teeth condition, and to have a look at their skin that has been hidden underneath mounds of fleece all year. It is not necessarily the best day to… Read more »

Kick Starting Your Cria with Colostrum and CriaBoost

With cria safely on the ground, it is easy to think that the hard work is over, but now the watch must begin to ensure that they get enough good quality colostrum from their dam to ensure development of a health immune system, and that coveted upwards growth curve! Colostrum is the vital, antibody rich… Read more »

5 Steps to a Successful Unpacking Season

Some may have started unpacking already, while others are waiting until later this summer, but all of us are looking forward to having lots of healthy, happy cria bounding around the fields again. Unpacking, though exciting, can be a little (or a lot!) tiring, and seems to come around quickly each year, so in this… Read more »