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Beef Health Planning

2020 has been a very strange year but it is important to begin looking ahead to next year. Health planning on beef farms plays an important role in setting targets, identifying any issues that reduced productivity and implementing health protocols that will help maximise the output on your unit. Health planning needs to be an… Read more »

What is Neospora?

Neospora Caninum is a protozoan parasite that is an important infectious cause of weak calves and abortion in cattle. It can affect other species including sheep, goats and camelids, however these are thought to be less susceptible. Neospora is the most frequently diagnosed cause of bovine abortion. A recent study done by Moredun showed 26%… Read more »

Beef4life Meeting (Leighton Buzzard)

Westpoint Farm Vets are launching Beef4life  ̶  a new consultancy service for beef farmers to maximise on productivity and profitabilty. Come along to our meeting to hear how this could benefit your farm! Wednesday 9th August 2017  |  6.30pm  |  The Green Man, Stanford The meeting is free to attend and spaces will be allocated on a… Read more »