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Key points for keeping alpacas comfortable in summer

Shearing Shearing is often a time when various other husbandry tasks are undertaken – it is a great time to take stock of your camelids’ body condition, teeth condition, and to have a look at their skin that has been hidden underneath mounds of fleece all year. It is not necessarily the best day to… Read more »

The ‘Normal’ Unpacking

The most exciting and nerve-wracking time of year is almost upon us, and we are probably all in agreement that the fields could do with some cria bouncing around to cheer the place up. One hopes that in all the chaos lately, that everyone has managed to get a hold of the essentials for the… Read more »

The Camelid Winter Checklist

Though we have fought valiantly through possibly the strangest summer of our lives, we must look to winter and think about how our alpacas and llamas will fare in wetter, colder weather. Preparation, and shifting our priorities to winter husbandry tasks will help set all camelid keepers in good stead for declining temperatures and higher… Read more »

5 Steps to a Successful Unpacking Season

Some may have started unpacking already, while others are waiting until later this summer, but all of us are looking forward to having lots of healthy, happy cria bounding around the fields again. Unpacking, though exciting, can be a little (or a lot!) tiring, and seems to come around quickly each year, so in this… Read more »

Preparing for the birthing season: Plasma

The role and importance of colostrum Cria have no antibodies to disease at birth, and are therefore unable to fight infection. Without good quality colostrum to supply these antibodies, the cria is unlikely to survive challenges to its immune system. Colostrum is the first milk a mother produces; it contains the antibodies and nutrients the… Read more »