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Online webinar: Kick Ketosis Off Your Farm!

Join Westpoint Farm Vets for a FREE online meeting about understanding the risk levels and reducing the impact of ketosis on your farm. We will be joined by our colleagues from Kingshay and experts from Elanco Animal Health. Wednesday 28th April at 1.30 – 2.30pm The webinar will cover: transition period successes and failures the… Read more »

Get Lactation Moooving! | St Columb

Westpoint St Columb, in association with Elanco and TMS, are hosting a FREE meeting for Dairy farmers. Come and join us for a lunchtime insight into transition cow nutrition, how to avoid ketosis and, most importantly, how to improve efficiency and save money. Together we can get lactation moooving! Free to attend Wednesday 22nd January… Read more »

Made your bed? Now lie in it!

The dairy industry has seen a near complete shift from loose houses to cubicles for housing milking cows, and often for good reasons. Cubicles present a simple opportunity to increase the capacity of a cubicle house in a similar way to a dorm room in a Youth Hostel. When looking at how cows choose to… Read more »

Mastitis Meeting | Cornwall

We welcome you to join Westpoint South West for a meeting for dairy farmers to gain knowledge on preventing and treating mastitis. We will discuss ways to help you reduce costs, improve profitability and benefit your herd. The meeting will cover the following: Recap of mastitis pathogens Dry cow therapy and on farm culture Prevention… Read more »

Lameness lesions

Lameness is a perennial challenge on many dairy farms, and with a typical case costing £180, it is important from both an economic, and welfare perspective. The economic costs of a lameness case are attributed to a reduced milk yield, cost of treatment and an increase in the risk of culling but cows that are… Read more »