UK’s leading mixed veterinary practice joins Westpoint group

Minster Veterinary Practice Ltd, a leading UK mixed veterinary practice, offering poultry, companion animal, equine and farm animal veterinary services, has this week been added to the Westpoint Group’s expanding portfolio in a private transaction.

Minster Veterinary Practice’s current chairman, Keith Warner was delighted by the news and assures clients, colleagues and suppliers that this deal means more than business as usual. “By learning from our new partners and expanding on their already active clinical governance structure, this business partnership will allow us to develop our position and capabilities in all species, providing an enhanced service for each of our customers” said Keith. “The access to greater resource and the wider expertise from the growing Westpoint group will ensure that the UK’s animal keepers will be the real winners from this development”.

Westpoint are delighted that such a preeminent veterinary practice is joining their group, as a true progressive partner, strengthening their own ruminant focussed practices, research team and laboratory services, enhanced by the recent acquisition of Biobest Laboratories. “We will build on the strong reputation of Minster as a leading mixed veterinary practice in the UK and ensure the partnership leads to new and enhanced services, improving the health of companion animals and horses trusted to our care and furthering our support for all livestock sectors in the UK.  It is also important that Minster’s strong and well known identity is maintained” said Matt Dobbs, Managing Director of Westpoint. “The new business will grow a science based animal health business fit to serve the demands of our customers whilst developing our people to fulfil their potential.”

Westpoint is backed by private investment firm, August Equity, who invested in Westpoint in January 2014 and committed funds for further expansion of the group “This merger significantly broadens the technical capability and geographical scope of the business. We have followed Minster’s progress closely and have been hugely impressed by their high level of ethics, expertise and attention to detail. The practice is held in the highest regard by its customers and the wider animal health industry.” added August Partner David Lonsdale.

For further information please contact Jason Davies, Marketing Manager or Matt Dobbs, Managing Director at Westpoint on 01306 628 086.