Westpoint BVD Free Scheme

It is estimated over 90% of UK herds have been exposed to BVD virus which can cause devastating effects upon fertility, health and production (NADIS, 2016.)

  • Do you know your BVD status?
  • Should you be vaccinating against BVD?
  • Do you already vaccinate against BVD and regularly monitor vaccine performance?

Is BVD costing you a fortune without you knowing?

Westpoint Farm Vets is offering a HUGE 50% Discount on BVD vaccine in support of the BVDFree England program. This offer is available to farmers who participate in the Westpoint Farm Vets BVD Free Scheme and is exclusively limited to Westpoint Farm Vets clients only. The scheme involves a complete BVD package with an initial veterinary visit to complete a biosecurity questionnaire, attain appropriate surveillance laboratory samples and generate a known BVD HiHealth Herdcare status. A BVD Action Plan will be produced and form a frame work for prevention, control and/or eradication of BVD virus.

This package starts from approximately £225 (ex. vat) and includes:

  • Visit fee
  • Time on farm to collect samples and complete questionnaire (approx. one hour)
  • All laboratory fees including postage and processing fees (limited to 5 animals for BVD ELISA)
  • CHeCS BVD Testing & Control membership Fee
  • BVD Action Plan.

Following this, an offer code for 50% Discount on Bovela or Bovidec BVD vaccines bought through www.farmacy.co.uk will be issued and valid until 30th November 2017.

For any further information on scheme conditions please speak to your vet. For details regarding vaccines or Farmacy enquiries please call 01306 628215.