About us

Westpoint Farm Vets has been providing a livestock focused service since 2000.

As part of a multidisciplinary team of vets, technicians and foot trimmers, we work proactively with commercial livestock keepers to improve productivity of herds and flocks while maintaining health and welfare. We also cater to the needs of smallholdings, open farms and owners of companion farm animals. In 2018, we joined VetPartners, expanding our network of experienced farm clinicians.

We maintain a regular presence in farming media, providing informative articles to publications as well as attending international veterinary conferences to deliver teaching, workshops and research findings. We continue to instil enthusiasm for farm animal medicine to veterinary students that see practice with us and have been successfully training farm vets of the future for years.


Westpoint provides its clients with:

  • An experienced vet-led team
  • Dedicated production animal vets
  • A direct line to a vet out of hours
  • Full 24-hour emergency cover 365 days of the year
  • Evidence based preventative methods, treatments and health programmes
  • Competitively priced medicines
  • In-house faecal egg counting (where practicable)
  • Access to laboratory and diagnostics service
  • In-person workshops, practical training and online courses
  • Cattle TB testing
  • Product and Animal Exports

Our Teams

All our vets are dedicated farm vets. Several are further qualified within fields such as mastitis, bovine reproduction, cattle youngstock health, cattle foot care, farm management and camelid medicine, and our teams work together to provide in depth advice and support at a local level.

Our Vision

The Westpoint Farm Vets team collaborates to provide the highest standards of proactive care to support animal health, success and sustainability for the farming community.

Dedicated services

Our PRO: teams expand our reach across the country, with teams dedicated to high-level health planning and proactive healthcare in dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and camelids. Our PRO: services work with clients to perform in-depth investigation, and advise on husbandry and management, data capture and analysis, and disease management and prevention strategies.

We aim to practise holistic health care on all farms and smallholdings. To support the veterinary team, we have dedicated, professional cattle foot trimmers, who are equipped with all the necessary handling equipment and are up to date with the latest mobility knowledge and treatments. Our clients can save on labour costs and take the stress out of husbandry tasks through our tech services, which include freeze branding, small ruminant and camelid foot trimming, faecal sampling, egg counting and parasite treatments, calf scoring, environmental and housing assessments.

How We Work

Most work is arranged by appointment and we also offer a 24-hour emergency service. Our dispensing of medicines also offers value and convenience, as orders can be made online through Farmacy.co.uk or through our practices. Existing clients benefit from Farmacy.co.uk as prescription requests are sent directly to the vets, who may approve remotely if appropriate. Our clients also have access to Farm Supplies, based in our Ashford practice for all their non-medical farm equipment.

To discuss your veterinary needs, take a look at our practice finder and give your local branch a call. We offer free introductory visits to discuss your requirements and take queries and can offer contract services to spread the cost of veterinary treatment over the course of the year.