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We provide trusted, expert opinion to the veterinary and farming press as well as mainstream media. Some are uploaded here, as well as other interesting clinical articles on issues pertaining to livestock health. Take a look through some of our informative articles for information on herd and flock health, husbandry tasks and important disease prevention initiatives.

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Farmers Guide: Preparing for Winter Housing

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Farmers Guide: Lice and Mites

Preparation for Tupping: How to achieve a high lambing yield

Preparation for Tupping

Bovalto Boost

Bovalto Boost

Ketoprofen digital dermatitis research

Housing: time to remove performance-limiting parasites from heifers

DC tool

Keeping early lactation mastitis under control

Lungworm 2022

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Farmers Guide: Winter Housing Beef Cattle

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Farmers Guide: How Beef Farmers Can Achieve Net Zero

Farmers urged to vaccinate against EAE before tupping

Improving ewe fertility

Improving ewe fertility


Mastitis Therapy Checklist