Medicine order

Please note that we are unable to prescribe medications unless the animals concerned are under our care, and have been seen within 6 months of your request.

The Veterinary Medicines Regulations state that for a vet to prescribe (and therefore dispense) medications, the animals need to be under their care. It is written in the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ code of conduct that to be under their care, animals must have been seen recently enough, or often enough for the veterinary surgeon to have personal knowledge of the condition of the animal or current health status of the herd of flock. The reason we use six months as a cut off is because it is also law that a written prescription cannot remain valid for more than six months. This is the best indicator of timescale as to what ‘under our care’ can be defined as. If a vet were to be found to be overstepping the boundaries, and prescribe without having seen the animals recently enough, then their membership of the Royal College, and therefore their licence to practice is at stake.

Please note that we require 48 hours’ notice for medicines order - we will call to inform you that your order is ready for collection.