Operating from a base just outside Edinburgh, Biobest is a specialist veterinary virology, serology and DNA diagnostics business of industry-wide renown, especially well known for its creation of the highly successful HiHealth Herdcare scheme.

Having Biobest’s expertise and facilities within our group gives our vets and our farmers even faster and more cost-effective access to the scientific information they need to make fact-based decisions and maximise the health and productivity of the herds in their care.

  • Tests are carried out on a strictly need-to-know basis to minimise waste and ensure value for money
  • We provide jargon-free results and reports available online for easy, secure access
  • Results translated by experts into actionable information to help vets and farmers make solid herd health decisions

Biobest services include:

HiHealth Herdcare

HiHealth Herdcare is a CHeCS registered cattle health scheme which is proven to help improve herd health and farm profitability by enabling farmers to progress towards elimination of disease from their herd. The inevitable results are reduced animal loss, increased productivity and also increased sale value of breeding animals when they are accredited as disease free.

Biobest Diagnostics

Biobest Diagnostics provides testing services to support the diagnosis of infectious disease in a wide range of species from cattle to cats. They are also the principal provider of rabies serology tests in Europe, participating in the relevant pet travel schemes.

Biobest ClinPath

Biobest ClinPath provides a comprehensive clinical pathology service covering haematology, biochemistry, cytology, histopathology, parasitology and bacteriology. Clients are able to speak with the same clinical pathologist whenever tests are being carried out, allowing for continuity and a deeper understanding of the results and their impact.


Bactoproof™ is a mastitis diagnostic test with a quicker turnaround time and greater accuracy than the bacteriology tests currently available. Using quantitative real time PCR to identify the bacteria involved, the service supplies online reporting of results with the option of summary results by text, usually within 24-48 hours of sampling.

Biobest Research

Biobest Research supplies specialist research, contract and laboratory support services in infectious diseases and cell culture.