Introducing Francis Sabbe, Practice Principal at Westpoint Louth

We are excited to introduce Francis Sabbe and welcome him to our Westpoint practice in Louth as the new Practice Principal.

Francis has over 30 years’ experience in farm medicine and is extremely well respected by his clients in his previous role as Senior vet/Clinical Director of farm animals in a large practice in Norfolk.

Francis or one of his team will be available at Louth Market every Thursday.  If you have any questions or require some advice why not pop along to see them.  Look out for the Westpoint office or a member of the team.

Francis and his team will be providing around the clock care 365 days of the year.


  • Routine vet visits
  • Bull and Ram testing
  • Mastitis control and management
  • Herd and flock health planning
  • TB Testing
  • Full out of hours emergency services
  • Fertility testing and scanning
  • Foot trimming and mobility scoring

If you would like to meet Francis, have a farm animal health issue or would like more information on the services offered by Francis and his team then please call 07983 820560 or email