The TB Advisory Service (TBAS) offers farmers free bespoke advice on practical, cost-effective measures to reduce the risks associated with TB.

TBAS is available to any farm in England which keeps livestock susceptible to TB, not just those in high risk and edge areas. Through TBAS, we will provide free of charge, relatable and tailored advice to our eligible clients. Pigs, sheep, goats, deer and camelids can all be infected with TB, so it makes complete sense to extend the service to all livestock sectors, giving farmers more control over TB through simple cost-effective changes to farm biosecurity measures.

To use the service, the first step is for farmers to get in touch with TBAS directly on 01306 779410 or info@tbas.org.uk. TBAS offers over-the-phone advice on how to stop infected livestock coming on-farm, reduce the risk from other livestock, minimise infection from manure and restrict contact between badgers and livestock by managing access to feed and water.

We have vets that have undertaken the relevant training, who can provide help and reassurance to our clients that are concerned over their farm’s TB risk. We will work together with interested clients to promote understanding of controllable risk factors to reduce risk and impact of outbreaks.