From health screen accreditation to hands-on preventative care, whether you keep hens, goats or alpacas, we offer a full veterinary service to suit your needs.

Whether run for profit or pleasure, smallholdings present their own challenges. Our farm teams are best placed to help smallholders, as we understand the specific needs of farm animals and can tend to individual animal needs with empathy and up to date knowledge on a variety of farm animal species.

Support and help where you need it

We offer a wide range of services specifically designed to offer support where you need it most. This includes educational meetings and workshops to help smallholders learn more about subjects such as nutrition, housing, legal requirements of farm animal ownership and common healthcare issues which could have an impact on your herd or flock.

Preventative healthcare and husbandry

We talk to smallholders about the advantages of planning healthcare as opposed to tackling problems as and when they arise. As part of this approach, and to help you budget, many of our practices offer a smallholder-focused scheme to help spread the cost of preventative healthcare throughout the year.

When you need us most

If the worst should happen, and you find yourself requiring veterinary attention for illness or injury to your companion farm animals, we will work with you to determine the appropriate course of action, offering the potential for more advanced diagnostic tests where appropriate or referral, with compassion and respect for your needs.

Technician Services/ On Farm Services

We have a dedicated mobile team of veterinary technicians that you can trust to carry out a wide range of tasks to help keep your animals up to date with regular husbandry. The work can be carried out on an ad hoc basis, or as part of an ongoing animal health plan tailor-made to your holding.

Our vet techs are a valuable extension of the veterinary team, able to complete various technical husbandry tasks to take time pressure off you. Vet Tech services can help smallholdings by taking faecal samples and performing worm and coccidial egg counts, as well as administering the relevant anti parasite treatment if required, foot trimming, or helping with general farm tasks. For a full list of technical services, see our commercial page.