Whether on an on-going or an ad hoc basis, our consultancy work is helping farmers far and wide be more productive and more profitable. 

When employed as consultants we work together with farmers and their existing vet and, where applicable, nutritionists, to achieve the best possible overall results for the farmer.

Consultancy work can take the form of partnerships which last for several years, or one-off projects designed to tackle particular issues.  Whatever the timescale or the scale of the business, our focus is on helping livestock keepers improve the health and welfare of their animals so that both their levels of productivity, and their overall profits, are as high as possible.

Experts in our field enabling farmers to get the best from their animals 

With over 60 vets in our organisation, our own industry-leading research department, laboratory and practices right across the UK, Westpoint is at the cutting edge of the animal health industry.

Many of our vets have specialist knowledge and expertise, and are recognised as particular leaders in the fields of dairy science and red and white meat production.  A number advise government and the agricultural industry as a whole via Defra committees, veterinary associations and industry working groups.  

Helping farmers face today’s challenges 

While demand for protein is increasing, so is the importance of traceability and food security.   With tried and tested preventative healthcare as their cornerstone, our vets are helping some of the most progressive livestock units in the UK to address the challenges and make the most of the opportunities faced by today’s livestock producers.

Working with farmers all around the world

All of our consultants are UK based but have built up vast combined experience in the incidence, management and treatment of animal health production issues right across the world.  This wealth of knowledge now sees us working internationally on a regular basis including in China, the Middle East, India, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia and the USA.

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