Westpoint PRO

Collaboration with vets

Feel like you’re just scratching the surface of herd or flock health?

Westpoint PRO can work with your practice and clients to enact in-depth investigations and advise on:

  • Husbandry and management practices
  • Data capture and analysis
  • Environment and buildings
  • Infectious disease elimination and prevention strategies

We can aid in setting up monitoring strategies and health protocols in collaboration with existing veterinary care providers.

Email us to find out more consultancy@westpointfarmvets.co.uk 

Meet our consultants!

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Dairy Team   Beef Team   Camelid Team   Sheep Team

Not a current Westpoint client?

Westpoint Farm Vets is home to a range of experienced and expert vets in many varied fields, but you do not have to be a client of Westpoint Farm Vets to benefit from our services.

With open communication and cooperation with your vets, Westpoint PRO teams can provide remote and practical support on a range of livestock health issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Mastitis: investigations and protocols
  • Mobility: scoring, housing and walkway assessment
  • Grassland management advice
  • Beef and Dairy fertility: protocols, stockperson training, fertility and breeding assessments, AI training and investigations
  • Sheep fertility and advanced reproduction techniques: nutritional assessment and embryo transfer
  • Youngstock health: holistic disease investigation, advanced diagnostics
  • Camelid second opinion medicine, fertility investigation and health planning
  • Nutritional advice for sheep, camelids and cattle
  • Infectious disease prevention for all species
  • Biosecurity: site assessment and advice
  • Genomics: introduction to new tools and interpretation

We can train stockpersons and farm staff

Our herd and flock health consultants can provide on-farm training to stockpersons in many areas that can benefit farm efficiency, such as:

  • Scanning techniques
  • Youngstock scoring
  • Artificial insemination
  • Foot trimming
  • Responsible use of medicines
  • Biosecurity
  • Lambing, calving and unpacking tuition
  • Hygienic milking routine protocols
  • Basic post-mortem technique of lambs
  • Selective dry cow therapy
  • Mobility scoring

Email us to find out more consultancy@westpointfarmvets.co.uk 

Current Westpoint Client?

Existing Westpoint Farm Vets clients have unrestricted access to advice from our in-house consultants through their primary vets.

Your veterinary care contracts will now include a set number of visits from any one of our livestock consultants depending on your personal targets and priorities.

Your annual health planning visit is a perfect opportunity to discuss how consultancy can help bring a fresh perspective to your livestock’s health and productivity.

Ask your practice about incorporating consultancy visits from our network of expert vets, many of whom hold higher qualifications in their chosen fields.